...and start using a proven methodology to grow your business effectively. 

Tyler Wagner

"Using the principles in Scott’s program, I was able to spend $3,000 and generate $33,000 of sales and 73 hot leads in less than 2 weeks. The INFINITUS Business Formula and what’s behind his framework of the Fast Lane, Slow Lane, and Sidewalk is brilliant."


When you LOCK this in today you get...

•  30 Hours of Bonus, Never Seen Before, Deep-Dive Content ($1197 Value)

•  4 Live Training Sessions ($997 Value)

•  3 Q&A Calls with ME! ($1,297 Value)

•  1 Month of Our Exclusive Mastermind ($397 Value)

•  Discounts on Applications ($1,997 Value)

•  1-on-1 Strategy Call ($997 Value) 

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If you want to generate a sustainable flow of highly qualified leads for your business, take the mystery out of online marketing, and get a precise, predictable return on your investment.

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why:

You now have the ability to use our system of lead generation that has brought in literally tens millions of dollars to entrepreneurs just like you… in the past 12 months alone.

By using our step-by-step method, you can put an END to your feast and famine and inability to create a successful business, allowing you to start turning complete strangers into LOYAL CUSTOMERS who are happy to pay you for the incredible value you bring to the marketplace.

You’re a smart entrepreneur, so it’s important for you to realize that there’s a cost for not dealing with your revenue problem.


But we aren't done yet...

Explore Enrollment OptionsI'M IN! GET ME STARTED >>





1. What if I’m not good with technology?

Not to worry! We know everyone isn’t an expert in every aspect, so we built this program to ensure each and every step of the process is laid out in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, we are technologically agnostic, so you can use these strategies and tactics across all platforms and technologies.

2. I’ve never used online marketing, is this for me?

If you’re willing to put in the effort and open to learning a new skill, then yes, this is most definitely for you. Online marketing has been expanding rapidly in recent years and it’s easy to fall behind the current trends. This program is intended to introduce and familiarize yourself with online marketing and then walk you through the process of building out your own marketing funnel.

3. I don’t have an email list, is this for me?

While it helps to have a pre-established email list, it’s definitely not required for this program. Email lists are not the only type of traffic that you can harness and monetize. There are others, such as online ads, joint ventures and many more! By the end of this program, you'll be on your way to building a very powerful list.

4. I’ve tried different strategies and techniques and nothing has worked. How is this different?

This method has been proven by hundreds of other entrepreneurs to date and that number continually grows. This program will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step what’s involved with each and every piece of the marketing funnel puzzle. Then, once you understand the theory behind it all, we show you step-by-step how to build a live marketing funnel that you can launch upon completion of the 12 modules. You read that right, it’s not just theory, it’s also about designing, building and implementing a working funnel!

5. I’ve tried other programs and didn’t really get results. What’s different here?

Online marketing is unlike other methods of traditional marketing in the way that you can track your R.O.I. Before you start developing a funnel, you’ll first outline all your goals and KPI’s. Then as you progress through the program we’ll teach you exactly what to look for and how to track results at each and every stage. Lastly, we’ll show you how to take all of that data, decipher it and then iterate, iterate, iterate. At the end of the program we want you to have the skills to repeat this process over and over again in any business, industry or niche.

6. I need to get my significant other or my business partner to agree with this purchase, what can I say to convince them?

There are a number of factors that are unique to this program and set it apart from a lot of other info products out there:

•  Both theory and strategy - not only do you learn how to do it, YOU DO IT!

•  70% of graduates get their initial investment back within 4 weeks of graduating - all thanks to their shiny new funnels.

•  The program was developed by INFINITUS which has over 10 years of experience in the marketing agency and online marketing industries.

•  The formula which forms the base of this program has been implemented and proven by hundreds of other entrepreneurs who have already graduated.

7. How do I know if I’m ready? I don’t want this to be another thing I start and abandon.

From start to finish the program contains roughly 60 hours of content, including the time required to build out your funnel. This can vary depending on your background and abilities, but on average it’s around 60.

Breaking this down into weekly commitments, it’s about 5 hours a week, or one hour a day. I’m sure if you think hard enough there is an hour in your daily routine (or maybe on the weekend) that can accommodate this learning.

8. What if I live in a time zone outside of North America?

Many of our graduates (as well as team members) live outside of North America in a variety of different timezones. After you sign up you can access the materials online twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. We accept that everyone has different schedules in different timezones, so we’ve tailored our program to be flexible enough to accommodate the digital nomad lifestyle.

9. What if I’m not good at launching things?

The program is designed for those with no prior experience. It’s our pleasure to be able to walk you step-by-step through the entire process; from theory to developing and launching your own funnels.

10. What if I sign up and decide this isn’t a good program for me?

If within the first month of purchasing the program you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll jump on a call with you and try to resolve any issues you may be having. We offer a 45-day action taker guarantee, in which we’ll refund your purchase so long as you’ve put the effort into trying to make the program work for you.

In the end, the number one reason we transitioned into this industry from the agency world was to allow us to work with and teach MORE people how to be successful. We weren't making a large enough impact with a few clients a year. That’s why your success is our #1 goal.

11. How does the program work?

This program is broken down into three main stages throughout the 12 modules. Modules 0-3 are about theory and understanding how online marketing funnels work, inside and out. Modules 4-8 are dedicated to developing and implementing what you learned in the first weeks. Finally, modules 8-12 are focused on launching and optimizing your funnel to ensure it’s successful!

12. Is this training live? Do I need to travel?

This training is pre-recorded and accessible online, allowing you to access the material on your schedule and at your convenience. You’ll have the chance to interact with other program members on the private Facebook group, as well as with INFINITUS team members during your initial strategy meeting.

13. How much time does it really take me to launch my marketing funnels?

The program from start to finish takes an average of 60 hours over the 12 modules. This can vary depending on your background, but it’s roughly 5 hours a week. At the end of the 12 modules you’ll have learned about, developed and launched your own marketing funnels.

14. What if I’m working with a marketing company or consultant?

If you already have a marketing company or consultant, this program is a great resource to have as it will teach you how it all works. Having this knowledge is great when working with external marketing resources because it provides you with an in-depth understanding how why/how it works. This will allow you to better direct/work with these external resources, instead of blindly trusting their judgement and relying solely on their knowledge.

15. Now isn’t a great time, can I do it later?

You can certainly join at any time. If you get early access to the program (at a discounted price) you can pause the program and come back at a later date that works best for you.

16. What kind of coaching will I get in this program?

This program offers three different levels of coaching. The first coaching is in the form of your introduction one on one strategy call. This call is an assessment as well as coaching session to determine how the program can benefit you the most. This call helps set the foundation for the rest of the program.

Throughout the 12 modules you will also have access to group Q&A calls where you get to meet others in the program, as well as ask any questions you have about the program or specific to your marketing funnels. This is also a great opportunity to see how other entrepreneurs are using the program to help build their businesses.

The third and final method of coaching happens on a continual basis through the private Facebook community. Here you can chat back and forth with others in the program, post up your homework, ask questions and much, much more.



But that’s not all what you get.

When you purchase before DATE you get the following:




  + 12 Hours of Bonus Content  

We’ve reached out to some of the experts in the online marketing world to get their opinion on specific subjects. We have sessions ranging from email marketing, webinars, podcasting, landing pages, and everything in between.

These are PURE value and not typical interview style, but full-on experiential learning sessions.


  + 1 Year of Updates  

In May 2016 we are launching Version 2 of our program, and then updating it again in Fall of 2016. You’ll receive updates for an entire year and access to the program for life*.


  + 2 Live Trainings  

While you will receive access to all past live trainings as part of your 30 day membership to After Hours, you’ll also receive 2 live trainings during the 2nd half of the program. These are sessions on additional valuable content and typically cost $197 each.


  + 3 Group Q&A Sessions  

Not only will you learn what’s in the program, but you’ll also learn what others are doing in the program and be able to have your questions answered. You’ll gain access to three, 2.5 hour, small group Q&A sessions for those in the program. This is where we screenshare and ensure that every question is answered.


  + Discounts on Applications  

We provide discounts on all applications that are required or that you may need in the program.


  + 1 on 1 Strategy Call  

Upon finishing your Week 3 content, you’ll have the ability to schedule a 45 minute strategy call with our team to review your entire strategy. They’ll walk with you, step by step, in your strategy, and will bring up all potential issues and improvements before you go into the implementation. 


  + Access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group  

Our team responds and gives feedback on all homework through our Facebook Group. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to connect with many other entrepreneurs around the world who can help you


A way to STOP tinkering with online marketing funnels…





If you ignore your lead generation problem, it can only get worse.


The list goes on and on.

But you and I both know that, for most people, none of that works. The real problem is:

•  They struggle to turn leads into customers…

•  They struggle to get leads in the first place, always relying on “luck” (networking and referrals) for new business growth.

•  They don’t really know what’s causing their lead generation problem (but it’s keeping them awake at night).

•  They know that online marketing funnels are powerful, their peers and competitors are using it, but they don’t even know where to start.

•  They’re trying to “push” everyone through their marketing using methods that worked 5 years ago, but don't today.

•  They can’t afford the time or money investment of paying the “pro’s” to do it for them.

•  They tried it that “one” time and it totally flunked and they gave a big fat "MEH".

So, let me ask you:

What happens if you do nothing?

If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

NO new leads come in. Your revenue stays FLAT or decreases. 

And your business never reaches its TRUE growth potential.

As an entrepreneur, you sacrifice a lot and have a lot of value to put into the marketplace, so let’s not even talk about what happens if you’re paying more per lead than you’re receiving for delivering that value. 

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When facing problems with bringing in new, high quality customers, most people double down on what we know doesn’t work:

•  They blindly throw money at “online ads,” like Facebook Advertising

•  They go to networking events that never bring in a dollar, only spending money on business cards

•  They buy shiny new tools that don’t work without a comprehensive strategy behind them, but do rack up your credit card.

•  They try new logos, new business cards, and new prices that do nothing.

How I conquered my lead generation problem and got myself out of $726,000 in debt.


Scott Oldford here.

I’ve got a solution that really WORKS.

Here’s my story:

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade and have been in online marketing for just as long.

Have you ever been in a position of helping others, but it seemed like your advice couldn’t be used for yourself?

In the early years of my entrepreneurial endeavours, I was in a booming industry - I did extremely well.

Over time that changed, but I didn’t evolve my own methods.

By June 2013, I had failed in 3 different businesses and was in $726,000 in debt.

I was selling everything I owned, using air miles to buy gas cards and grocery cards, and went from having everything to nothing - in short order.

The problem was that I used lead generation strategies in my businesses that I would never advise. The majority of my clients had 6-figure monthly online advertising lead-generation budgets.

"That would never work for me, I don’t have that kind of money," I thought.

At my low point, I knew something had to change.

So I made a big bet. I took every data point available to me, as well as everything I knew about online marketing, psychology, and what actually worked and set about creating something new.

It worked.

In 2014, we generated nearly $1 million in revenue.

In 2015, I decided that I would attempt this method of not having to spend a TON of money to get in front of the right people.

It worked and people LOVED it.

Not because it was amazing, but because it got results.


So, what was the big difference?

When I looked at the industry standard for lead generation, the model was simple.

Attempt to bring tons of traffic to your marketing funnel and “squeeze” as many people through as possible.

I realized that we were treating humans like robots.

I realized that we needed to communicate with leads differently.

And that we needed to give them an experience to them based on their mindset and where they were - we are experiential beings after all, aren’t we?

Instead of trying to push them through a marketing funnel, we need to pull them through an adaptive, user-centric marketing “experience.”

I also discovered that there are three different lead mindsets. This was based solely on studying psychology for years and applying it directly to online lead generation.

So what are the three different types of leads?

I call them the Sidewalk, Slow Lane, and Fast Lane or the INFINITUS SSF Method for short.

These three mindsets are radically different from each other, and I discovered that the old way of marketing - of running a few ads to your target audience - wasn’t going to work. You can’t give everyone the same experience and expect different results.



The old way of creating a single marketing funnel just wasn't going to work

I realized that I needed to develop THREE marketing funnels (a.k.a. experiences) for my business in order to get the 80% of leads that 99% of entrepreneurs are missing out on.


Because if I ONLY talk to the people who are ready to BUY NOW, then I’m missing out on talking to those people who may buy in a week. Or a month. Or three months or even a year from now.

What I truly wanted was a “Waterfall Effect” in my marketing.

I wanted to ensure that not only did I get an instant return on the money I spent today but that I also created a renewable asset that generated revenue well into the future.

My new method gave me the opportunity to build relationships with anyone. To become relevant to anyone.

And to turn anyone into a customer.

And that’s where LeadCraft started in April of 2015.

Helping entrepreneurs like you to implement this directly into their businesses.

Here’s what my lead generation strategy did for me. Once I cracked the code, I implemented it like a madman. I paid off my debt in record time, and currently my company is growing at a record pace. By June 2018, we’ll have over 100,000 entrepreneurs using our method.

In less than a year, I’ve brought in tens of thousands of qualified leads who are happy to pay me for the value I’ve created. And, I’ve impacted hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe by sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve also built a multiple seven-figure business at the same time.

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Here's a few stories of those who implemented LeadCraft into their business

Alex Stead

“This is the best program I’ve ever been part of and, thankfully, it doesn’t take 20 hours a week to make it successful. Within two weeks of launch, I was able to achieve a $6,000 return on an investment of $200. I now generate $3000-4000 for every $100 I spend on advertising and it’s allowed me to get my life back, travel the world, and for my fiance to quit his job. Really excited with those results and more to come! ”

Geoff Woods

“When I started with Scott’s framework, I was skeptical. However, it helped me to build lead generation for my online program and my online membership site. It has done wonders and has allowed me to put my lead generation on autopilot along with building a huge audience. I love it. Plus… Scott is a lot of fun :) 

“Here’s the thing: if you want to spend 4 or 5 times the amount of time trying to figure out how to do this stuff yourself, you can do everything in this program. But if you want to work with someone who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and is able to take you by the hand and guide you through how to do it - then this is for you.”

Colin Pal
Deborah Maragopoulos

“When I started LeadCraft, I never used online marketing in my life. As a doctor, it’s simply not what I do. However, I didn’t want to hire someone to do it the first time around. Within the first month of using the LeadCraft marketing funnels, I generated over 1,000 leads for my supplementation and services at less than $0.95 per lead. I never thought that was possible. Scott is the real deal.” - 

“LeadCraft gave me everything I needed to launch my #1 podcast along with multiple online courses, as well as charge more for my coaching clients along with building my audience. While I haven’t been in a lot of programs, Scott really brings the heat and helps you along the way.

Jay Wong
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What if instead of trying to stuff everyone through the same funnel, hoping that someone purchases, we PULLED people through the funnel?

What if we used a multi-tiered, INTELLIGENT funnel that is actually RELEVANT to people right where they are?

We need to address people according to their MINDSET and their BEHAVIOR.

When we do this, we can EASILY turn strangers into passionate customers.

We can develop 1-to-many relationships with people so that they trust us and WANT to work with us.

We become incredibly RELEVANT to them.

And with the easy-to-use technology available to us now, we can do exactly this.

We can build powerful online marketing funnels WITHOUT breaking the bank.

We can AUTOMATE everything, resulting in a constant stream of qualified leads.

Using this strategy lets you leverage your time, which then lets you leverage your VALUE.

It was this strategy that took me from BROKE to millions of dollars.

This method is new, it’s different, and the best in the business love it...


Introducing Funnels 2.0

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It’s all about pushing people through a single funnel and hoping enough people will purchase. No thought given to the mindset or obligation of the customers. Just force everyone through.

This can work, if you have a MASSIVE advertising budget.

But most small business owners like yourself don’t have that kind of money to throw at marketing.

Yet you know that you need some sort of online marketing funnel in your business.

You know that online marketing funnels are the future of your business.

You’ve probably tinkered around with various forms of marketing.

But nothing has really WORKED.

And so you’re frustrated. Feeling stuck.

You have this amazing thing you’ve created and you just need to get it to MORE people. You feel like time is passing you buy. You’ve worked so hard and given up so much, but you can seem to get TRACTION.

You’re not having the IMPACT you want.

What worked for the “experts” is NOT working for you.


It’s time be DONE with Funnels 1.0!

Why Online Marketing As You Know It Is Broken

Traditional online marketing funnels (Funnels 1.0 we’ll call them) are extremely ONE DIMENSIONAL.

Danny Iny

“Scott’s method of lead generation is one of the best in the world. He understands that entrepreneurs can’t afford to spend tens of thousands a month on advertising. He’s brilliant both as an entrepreneur and as a marketer.”

Testimonials From Pros

Frank Bria

“What could only be done with Fortune 500’s a few years ago, you can now use the same power in your own online marketing and Scott has brought that to you. Use it.”

Dov Gordon

“He's smart. Works hard. And he's real, genuine and caring. AND... when it comes to creating online marketing funnels, Scott is the guy I call for help.”

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When using a traditional funnel, you have 1 landing page, 1 lead magnet, 1 path to success.

This is STUPID on so many levels. It doesn’t take into account the mindset of potential customers, how much time they have to give you, and whether they even trust you.

With Funnels 2.0, we create a series of landing pages, lead magnets, advertisements and funnel pieces each designed to resonate with a specific type of potential customer based on their mindset, obligation, and awareness of their problem.

The result? Suddenly we are super RELEVANT and our cost per conversion PLUMMETS.

We need to give the right offer to the right person at the right time.

When we do that, the number of leads we get goes through the ROOF. It breaks every industry average, ten-fold.

This is the beauty of FUNNELS 2.0.

We can create a powerful funnel that speaks to EVERYONE at the same time. If you implement this in your business? Unbelievable growth at a staggeringly low cost.

You’ll never:

  • Have to deal with the feasts and famines.

  • Have to worry about not being able to grow your business.

  • Have another sleepless night worrying about your business.

  • Have to sacrifice even MORE time away from your family, away from being healthy, or have to remortgage your house… again.

  • Have an online marketing strategy that simply doesn’t work (or makes you lose money).

What does a Funnel 2.0 actually look like?



Lead Craft Experience

It’s an online experience where you discover, create, and implement the 12 major components of a successful online lead generation strategy.

This isn’t just about giving you new, shiny content. This is about helping you along the way, ensuring that you not only understand how it works, but also know how to implement it.


What is LeadCraft?

This is why we created the Lead Craft Experience, which, over the past year, has empowered over 500 entrepreneurs to generate exponential results in their businesses.

We wanted to let other entrepreneurs discover the power of Funnels 2.0, as well as our SSF Methodology.

In short order, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to create high powered online marketing funnels in your business.

Then you’ll IMPLEMENT it.

Then you’ll OPTIMIZE it.

We’re DEDICATED to your success.

And we’re not just talking theory here.

With the guidance of the experts at INFINITUS, you’ll be developing a live, WORKING online marketing funnel, and then putting that funnel out into the world.

The program allows you to develop your three marketing funnels for the 3 different types of leads: Sidewalk, Slow Lane, and Fast Lane. It also ensures that you can do it easily and effectively, without having to pull your hair out.

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Module 1 - SSF Method & Funnels 2.0

You’ll get a full picture and plan out exactly how the INFINITUS SSF Method and Funnels 2.0 will apply to your business.

This includes everything from planning your goals, KPI’s, and funnel pieces, to using our dynamic Funnel Planner to help you visualize your online marketing funnels and the 3 different lanes.

And with every module, you’ll have strategy assessments to ensure that you not only understand, but can execute every piece.

Module 2 - Business Fundamentals

Online marketing and lead generation only works if your business works. Thus, we spend a week ensuring that your business is where it needs to be.

We cover everything from branding to your value ladder, profitability, and ensuring that you’ll be a success. This comes from our experience of working with thousands of entrepreneurs.

Module 3 - Conversion Methods

The purpose of a marketing funnel is to increase your impact, but also your profitability, so you can serve your market as best as possible.

In this module we focus on how to turn leads into customers, which allows you to work backwards with your marketing funnel. Typically this is the last piece people think about. For you, this is about turning leads into new customers and clients. Thus we focus on everything from webinars to sale pages to strategy calls.

Module 4 - Attraction Methods

The majority of entrepreneurs get their lead magnets wrong. If you have the wrong attraction method, everything breaks down and you’re unable to make online marketing work for you. To fix this, we help you choose the best lead magnets, develop them, and make them look beautiful. This allows you to turn strangers into advocates.

Module 5 - Landing Pages

With our swipes and templates pack, we don’t just show you how to develop landing pages, we actually give you examples. You get our plug ‘n play scripts and templates that you can import directly into your landing page software, ensuring that your landing pages work effectively and efficiently.

Module 6 - Content Marketing

Content Marketing without a marketing funnel is nearly useless. But if you combine them, they are a powerful machine. We show you how to use content and content marketing to power your marketing funnels and ensure that you are the trusted authority in the marketplace.

We also ensure that your website is optimized for lead generation and show you how to optimize your website that so you can turn readers into leads.

Module 7 - Email Automation & Marketing

Building relationships isn’t always easy. However, with email marketing, we can build relationships in a 1-to-many way. You’ll not only learn how to use email marketing, automation and technology, but we help you plan your email sequence. With our swipes package, we give you our own emails along with plug n’ play templates.

Module 8 - Organic Traffic Generation

We show you how to use organic and partner traffic to drive traffic to your content and marketing funnels in an easy to use way, allowing you to have leads that are essentially free.

Module 9 - Paid Traffic Generation

Paid traffic allows us to scale our business and our lead generation, whichever method we specifically want. In our traffic generation module, we show you how to use a variety of paid methods, and help you focus on those that have the highest return on investment.

We dive deep, giving you everything you need to use paid traffic to effectively generate leads that turn into extremely valuable customers and clients.

Module 10 - Tracking + Deployment + Analytics

It’s important that you deploy your online marketing funnels, and we help you do that. But it’s important to have all the tracking and analytics installed and understand how it works. Without this, you’ll never truly know how it all works.

Module 11  - Online Marketing Optimization

Launching an online campaign is one thing. However, in the last two modules we dive into the optimization of both the front-end and back-end of the campaign, as well as your ability to turn leads into customers. This is a SUPER important component that the majority of other programs completely miss.

Module 12 - Scaling & Delegation

Once you have your Online Marketing Funnels up and running, it's time to get back to running the business, allowing you more freedom and the ability to delegate your Online Marketing to others. We also cover how to scale your Online Marketing Funnel based on your business and the level of growth you want to achieve.


This program is designed for entrepreneurs and while there is a LOT in this program, this is not a series of lectures. Rather, it contains bite-sized pieces of content, showing you how something works and then giving you the ability to execute it yourself.

Explore Enrollment OptionsExplore Enrollment Options

I believe the days of just selling content are coming to a close. At INFINITUS, we want to ensure you succeed, which means we go far beyond just helping you learn. You also get:

Group Hot Seat Q&A Calls

With our group calls, I personally get on the line for 2 hours and answer all your questions. We keep these small (you’ll never see more than a couple dozen people on the line), and this is where I open up screenshare  and show you exactly how something works. These are invaluable for someone who is implementing an effective online marketing lead generation campaign.

Exclusive Online Facebook Community

From helping review your funnel pieces to connecting you with other entrepreneurs, our entire team is here to help you. It’s an extremely active community, allowing you to have a home online with people in the same program as you.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll also get an EXTRA 60 days of our Inner Circle, which will help you even further to ensure that your Online Marketing is working to its highest capacity.

1-on-1 Strategy Calls and Check-Ins

Our team wants to ensure you’re successful, which is why we include strategy calls and quick check-ins via email, text and phone to ensure you’re executing, implementing and getting results. It’s extremely important to us that you’re successful.

Access to Inner Circle Or Our Mastermind

After you graduate our program, we give you extended access to our continuous help and attention to ensure that you can continue to develop your online marketing.

Plug n’ Play Swipes and Templates

Saving nearly 20 hours in the development of your marketing funnel, we give you the scripts, swipes, templates and examples of everything from your landing pages to lead magnets and email automations.

Actionable Behind the Scenes Funnels

Success leaves clues, which is why we develop and send out new, behind the scenes, actionable funnels in which we show you how other entrepreneurs are generating results, You can use this information to further help along your own journey.

Masterclasses From World Renowned Marketing Experts

I’ve invited a variety of online marketing experts to teach you in specific deep-dives. These deep dives are 60-90 minutes, and include everything from online advertising to email marketing to business growth and everything in-between.

Lifetime Access and Updates

Regardless of where life takes you, you’ll always have access to the program, along with updates for life. That means that even if we create an entirely new version, you’ll be able to get access at any time.

Traffic Packs

What we teach you and help you implement is applicable using any type of Paid Online Advertising source. We've developed addational trainings, allowing you to advertise on Twitter, Google, YouTube, Linkedin and Adroll - easily and effectively. 

This just isn't content...

But surely, this costs a TON, right?

Explore Enrollment Options

You would expect this experience to cost a CRAZY amount of cash, right?

After all, you’re going to be learning to build your own online marketing funnels and then actually developing them, with our help.

Having a marketing agency build a funnel for you would easily cost at least $20,000, so this kind of learning experience must also cost a ton.


You can get started with the experience for only $997…

For literally a fraction (like 1/20th) of the cost of hiring a marketing agency, you can learn EVERYTHING you need to do it yourself.

Could you figure this stuff out yourself?


But let’s be honest. It’s going to take you 3-6 months of research just to learn what you need to know. You’ll spend hundreds of hours, make costly mistakes, and maybe never get it right.

Or you could hire a marketing agency to do it for you. If you want to spend that kind of cash, you go right ahead. Just remember that they’re also going to charge you a ridiculous amount and keep charging you every time you want to change something.

Or you could do NOTHING. But what will that cost your business in sacrificed opportunities? And what will it cost you as your competitors implement this in their businesses?


You could invest $997 and unleash the power of online marketing funnels in your business. You could do it right the FIRST time, without the costly mistakes. You could give yourself a competitive ADVANTAGE.

The choice is yours. As a smart entrepreneur, I already know what choice you'll make.





Once you say yes to Lead Craft, you will:

•  Have a constant, steady flow of qualified leads coming into your business, who will automatically turn into customers.

•  Finally be able to put a stop to the feast or famine cycle in your business.

•  Create a huge return on investment for every dollar that you spend on your marketing and lead generation.

•  Bring your business to the next level and stop tinkering with online marketing, fully committing to the success of your own business. 

Explore Enrollment OptionsExplore Enrollment Options

As entrepreneurs, we take calculated risks each and every day. I know you’re committed to success and growth, which is why you're investigating the LeadCraft experience.

If you buy the program, take action, complete the training, start to implement, and by Day 45 feel that it’s not a good fit for your business, get in touch with our team, and we’ll either help you remove that roadblock or refund your money.

Simply put - we want you to succeed. If we can’t do that, we don’t deserve your money. 

I want to make this risk-free for you

You have

TWO options:


•  12 Module Lead Craft Program

•  Exclusive Online Community

•  1 Group Mastermind Intensive 

LeadCraft PRO

•  12 Module Lead Craft Program

•  Bi-weekly Group Intensives

•  Your Entire Funnel Reviewed

•  2 - Intensive Strategy Calls

•  Swipes and Templates

• Expert Trainings & Masterclasses


Yes, I want access
Yes, I want access


Simply email us at help@goinfinitus.com and we'll be back to you right away! Or chat with someone from our team on the bottom left of the page. 

I'm In!

You have a choice. Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that takes you. No leads. No business. No revenue.

Is that really where you want to go?

Take a new action and get a new result.

Generate more leads for your business and bring in a sustainable flow of cash.

It's Decision Time

Explore Enrollment Options
Explore Enrollment OptionsExplore Enrollment Options
Explore Enrollment Options
Explore Enrollment Options

A few stories from members of our past program...


Jay Wong


Alexandra Stead